Do you look at your body and see imperfection in your soul?

Debra McCurtain walks clients to the path of successful weight loss and healing through her transformational coaching method,
Soul Nutrition™.

My Story

I am a work in progress, an entrepreneur, and a late bloomer. I have been where clients are now and I still remember how frustrated I was with each and every diet that I tried and failed. I used to be a binge eater and fortunately, I wasn’t good at purging. I hated my body and wanted to be a size 3. Then I learned how to be patient with myself and to trust my instincts with food. I stopped dieting and dropped the weight. I stopped playing games with the scale and started living. Weight loss is about shame, self-hatred, resentment, fear, and forgiveness. The power of a simple conversation about taking the time to eat breakfast, that food is fuel for the body and self-awareness continues to amaze me. I am doing what I was put on this planet to do. Inspire positive change one conversation at a time.

Work With Me

My ideal client is anyone who desires to lose weight. Their challenges might be time, stress, self-care, self-love, emotional eating, and need for accountability.


I am a Certified Heart-Centered Clinical Hypnotherapist. I feel very strongly that weight loss begins on the inside and has roots in childhood trauma. I offer appetite suppressants, information on intuitive eating, and gut health. I also offer Hypnotherapy sessions for those who are looking to heal the root of their weight issues.


If you fight a war with food every day and have lost the ability to trust yourself with food. Binge. Feel guilty. Dislike what you see in the mirror. Get up and do it all over again this is my clinical playground. I believe it’s possible to live a life off of the scale. Enjoy food. Love your body and get on with the business of living.