Weight Loss Through Self-Mastery

A 4-Week Online Course with Debra McCurtain, FNP, CHT

Weight Loss Through Self-Mastery

A 4-Week Online Course

with Debra McCurtain, FNP, CHT

Starts Tuesday, October 6th

5:00pm-6:00pm PT, 6:00pm-7:00pm MT, 8:00pm-9:00pm ET


All sessions are recorded for self-paced learning

Welcome to this 4-week journey into the powerful connection between weight loss and self-mastery!

Throughout this course, you will learn how to build a bridge to yourself. How to hold space with your thoughts, your energy.

Instead of running away from difficult emotions that trigger behaviors with food, you will develop the ability to learn from it. To ask yourself the deeper questions. To change patterns of old programming that are barriers to your weight loss success or joy.

Self-mastery is transformation is healing is self-love is self-care. New ways of being will be possible. You will develop daily rituals that will serve you on your weight loss journey.

I will be there to guide you through this powerful course of weight loss through self-mastery. If you are tired of fighting a war with food and your weight this course if for you. Is designed for you. A new way of being awaits.

My name is Debra McCurtain. I am the CEO of Rocklin Weight Loss. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner. A certified Hypnotherapist and a Reiki 1. I am currently training with Deepak Chopra.

I have been where you now. I had my first eating disorder at the age of twelve. I began restricting myself with food then.

For the majority of my life, I was obsessed with my weight. Believed that happiness was tied to the scale. It was all dieting and binging and feeling guilty about my inability to lose weight.

Then a straight-up miracle happened. I discovered a new way of being through meditation and self-awareness. I discovered that old programming had dominated my life. False beliefs that I wasn’t worthy of love unless I was perfect. That I came last. That joy came with sacrifice.

Old programming is hard to let go of. But it is possible through self-mastery. There is a quote by Rumi a 12th-century Persian poet, “That our task is not to seek for love but to find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”.

Life is a series of lessons about trust, letting go, forgiveness, having compassion for yourself, and being a badass sometimes.  I don’t own a scale anymore. Food is not the enemy. I now am capable of nourishing myself with food. Of trusting myself with food. I am a miracle and so are you.

I am honored to offer this course and teach you how to practice self-mastery to achieve your weight loss goals and beyond. How to live a life of joy. What you seek is inside. All that is required is an open heart, a journal, and Flashcards. If you are ready to shed yourself emotionally and physically of excess weight join me now.

What You’ll Learn During Weight Loss Through Self-Mastery

Session One


Throughout this first module, you will learn how to create your first ritual of self-mastery which is mediation. We will explore what it is. The benefits of it. The barriers that you have to it. How to do create your own daily practice and the importance of setting daily weight-loss intentions. I will perform a meditation demonstration to open up your Chakra system that will serve as a guide along your weight
loss self-mastery journey.


Session Two

Mind and Body

This module is dedicated to the mind-body connection or emotional intelligence. A deeper awareness of thoughts and emotions will be explored along with where they hold space in the body. Identifying energy shifts that occur. Asking the deeper questions surrounding these emotions. Noticing patterns and behaviors surrounding them as they relate to food. Identifying what builds you? What brings you joy and the importance of that.

Session Three

Intermittent Fasting

with Intuitive Eating

The information in this module is a powerful addition to modules one and two. In this module, we will build upon the rituals of meditation and self-awareness to align yourself with your weight loss goals. This is accomplished through intermittent fasting and intuitive eating. Both of these concepts are the latest, scientifically proven effective methods for weight loss. This module will review the principles in detail.

Session Four

Your Personal Weight Loss Vision

This the last module. The last ritual. This module will be the unfolding of your weight loss vision. This module will be highly interactive. You will be asked to examine your weight loss vision in detail. See it. Define it. Bring it to life. What do you need to achieve your weight loss goals? What has worked in the past? What hasn’t? A purpose statement will be created. Goals and an action plan. This module will introduce the Weight Loss Mastermind.

“Everything in the Universe is within you.

Ask all from yourself.”

– Rumi

Weight Loss Through Self-Mastery: A 4-Week Online Course

All sessions are recorded for self-paced learning.

Debra McCurtain, FNP, CHT

I am a work in progress, an entrepreneur, and a late bloomer. I have been where clients are now and I still remember how frustrated I was with each and every diet that I tried and failed. I used to be a binge eater and fortunately, I wasn’t good at purging. I hated my body and wanted to be a size 3. Then I learned how to be patient with myself and to trust my instincts with food. I stopped dieting and dropped the weight. I stopped playing games with the scale and started living. Weight loss is about shame, self-hatred, resentment, fear, and forgiveness. The power of a simple conversation about taking the time to eat breakfast, that food is fuel for the body and self-awareness continues to amaze me. I am doing what I was put on this planet to do. Inspire positive change one conversation at a time.

Debra McCurtain is the CEO and owner of Rocklin Weight Loss. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner, a Certified Heart-Centered hypnotherapist, Transformational Coach, Reiki 1 Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, and the author of Soul Nutrition. Debra enjoys all things fitness whether indoors or outdoors.